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Big Tiptoe Art Kit Includes 3-5 Projects In Each Box, Subscribe and Save!

Big Tiptoe Art Kit Includes 3-5 Projects In Each Box, Subscribe and Save!

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Embark on an imaginative journey with Jericho Road Studios, where creativity knows no bounds! Introducing Tiptoe Art Kits, where our captivating art and craft kits are designed to whisk your kids away into a world of artistic exploration.

The path to fun unfolds with Tiptoe Art, providing an exciting and hands-on experience that goes beyond ordinary playtime. These craft kits are not just a source of entertainment; they are a gateway to teach kids the profound importance of creativity. Get ready to unlock the boundless potential of your child's imagination with Tiptoe Art Kits—a delightful blend of art, education and fun!

Whether your child is a seasoned artist or just discovering their creative side, this kit provides a delightful and satisfying experience that will leave them beaming with pride over their beautiful creations. 

Inside each box your child will discover everything they need to create masterpieces! Or at least the opportunity to experiment with many different types of art! The projects will often align with holidays during the month they are received.

Each kit will contain all items needed for projects, ie. disposable mat, plastic apron, paintbrushes, glue.

Kits will not include the following unless requested and when useful for the kit (at no extra cost):

  • Scissors
  • Small hot glue gun

Order your child's monthly subscription today and take your kids on an adventure with art kits by Jericho Road Studios, featuring Tiptoe Art.

The Big Kit is worth $50 for a single box. Save up to $120 with a subscription!

  • 1 Year 20% off = $40 per month
  • 6 month 15% off = $42.50 per month
  • 3 month 10% off = $45 per month

*The number of projects in the kit will be determined by the amount of items in each project and the time needed to complete them. 

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